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Senior Citizens moving assistance may be necessary for your elderly parents when moving to a new residence, retirement or assisted living home in today’s difficult times. We recognize that you lead busy lives and personally don’t have the time or may not reside near your elderly parents and need assistance. We’re here to help you…

It’s a sad state of affairs as the recession keeps trudging along and everyone, including senior citizens, has to downsize and economize. It’s not only the physical aspect of moving but the emotional component as well. As you handle the emotional stress, there’s no reason you should have to deal with the physical stress of moving your or your aging parents. Hence, Senior Citizen moving assistance from Senior Citizens In Transition.

Will Help You With Senior Citizen Moving Assistance!

Our Senior Citizen moving assistance gives you all the help you need moving your loved ones. They probably haven’t moved in years and the emotional stress of moving their entire life may seem daunting but we can take care of the physical move.

Whether it’s across town, down the street or out of the state, we make the transition of moving easy. Senior Citizen moving assistance will assist with the entire move to communities with kindness and compassion. We know we’ll be there one day!  

When moving your elderly parents, you don’t want to have the worries of the physical labor because you know they will be going through an emotional upheaval. You can depend on us to treat them with the respect they deserve. Read our testimonials to see how senior citizen moving assistance is a cinch for you.  

 How We Provide Senior Citizen Moving Assistance!

Because we have moved elderly parents and grandparents, we understand what they will be going through when they have to move. Because you have to make a major decision on what to keep, what to sell, and what to donate, we make the moving experience easy so you can make the hard choices without worry or stress.

Senior Citizen moving assistance can help you make the hard choices.  Such as:

  • What to take

  • What to sell

  • What to donate and to which company

  • And how our Estate Sale company can help you off set the expense of moving

 We also help with:

  • Money saving methods

  • Packing and unpacking – FREE Supplies

  • Garage sales, estate sales or yard sales

  • Staging your home for a real estate open house

  • Cleaning-up and cleaning-out  the house

  • Removing storage boxes from garage, storage room or storage facility

  • And updating your new home to your or your elderly parent’s preferred lifestyle

Our Senior Citizen moving assistance is available for Senior Citizens who are moving into the area or moving out of the area. We can take care of all,  part, or what ever you need.  You determine how much assistance you need with our Senior Citizen moving assistance.  

Our company, Senior Citizens in Transition, provides Senior Citizen moving assistance in the following areas: Los Angeles, Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernando Valley, Conejo Valley and Palm Springs in Southern California.

Book your FREE in-home, no-obligation consultation TODAY and discover how easy moving can be. Call Marilyn for Senior Citizen Moving Assistance or Baby Boomer  Moving Assistance today at  519-251-1741                   

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